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Fully decentralized


End to end encryption


Full randomization


Post quantum cryptography (NIST-NSA Compliant | FIPS 203)


Network redundant



We are a group of cyber security and telecom experts as well as esteemed members of the United States Intelligence community. We understand the importance of safety and security of your mobile number. Protecting your account while delivering the highest level of global service is our number one priority.

In 2021, the FBI reported that its Internet Crime Complaint Center received 1,611 SIM swapping complaints, amounting to over $68 million of losses.

How Attackers Take Over Your Phone with SIM Swapping

The attacker finds your personal information.

Your phone number, the last four digits of your Social Security number, and your address are all easily found by a quick search. Even if you’ve hidden your personal information online, a determined attacker will use phishing or other hacking techniques to get your private information.

They impersonate you and contact your phone carrier.

The fraudster calls your phone carrier or walks into a retail store armed with your personal information. When the customer service agent asks to validate the account, they give them your name, address, and SSN.

The attacker requests a new SIM card from the mobile operator.

Now that the account is validated, the hacker gets a new SIM card from the carrier - just by asking!

The hacker uses your phone number to take over your accounts.

The attacker wastes no time impersonating you using the fraudulent SIM card. They start taking over your email, crypto, and banking accounts using your phone number.

They port your number to a new carrier, so you can’t get it back.

The final step in taking over your identity: once they’ve defrauded you of your phone number, they’ll port it over to a different mobile carrier that doesn’t require any name or ID validation.


Your phone & phone number come right over.

The best coverage
You don’t lose service during the activation.
You keep all of your information on your phone.
99% of phones
are compatible.
$1M insurance policy protection against losses due to sim swap or port out

Mobilen is the most secure wireless carrier in the U.S.

Protecting your digital identity is our priority. Our advanced security measures defend against SIM swapping attacks and monitor the dark web for potential breaches, keeping your data safe.

We guarantee our technology – all of our plans come with a $1M insurance plan for protection against losses caused by SIM hijacking or port outs.

You can keep your phone & phone number, enjoy the reliability of AT&T and Verizon’s networks, and rest assured that your identity is safe.

Yes! We will help you transfer your existing service to Mobilen with no downtime. We’ll work with you to set up your secure account and provide training on how to use it. We’ll do the transfer with you present so that you have complete visibility into the process.

To maintain the highest level of customer privacy, we only put essential information in your invoice. More data is only available by request and is subject to our industry-leading identity verification process. More questions? Contact us.

Our service is strictly for businesses and government agencies of any size. We cater to any firm that needs a high level of security.

A SIM-swap scam is a way that attackers can compromise your business. They trick your carrier into giving them control of your SIM card, then use it to take over your accounts.

It can be different for your business. Mobilen’s industry-leading identity verification process and SIM encryption stop hackers from taking over your business identity.

Yes. Mobilen focuses on digital identity companies that need a high level of security. We’re a top-rated mobile virtual network operator and stop phone number takeover at the source.

Check out Mobilen’s fraud awareness page for technical details on how these scams work and how Mobilen stops them.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Security is my number one priority when evaluating network service providers. I went to every major carrier and within 5 minute our conversation was completed because I instantly found vulnerabilities. With Mobilen I am confident in the security of our account and network. ”

CISO Finance Company

“We have always been looking for ways to manage all of our mobile network traffic, with Mobilen we found a solution that complements our MDM and delivers sim based network security and help us stay in compliance”

Director of IT Finance Company

“I have worked with my rep for 10 years and never have I had to worry about reaching them or getting my project accomplished. Fast friendly convos, it’s almost as if they can read my mind before I even ask them. ”

CIO Managed Security Services Provider

“I have tried every major carrier and always worried about when the next incident was going to occur. I can finally stop worrying now that I am using Mobilen.“