Mobilen For Government

Fully Decentralized
End to End Encryption
Full Randomization
100% Zero Logging
Post Quantum Cryptography (NIST-NSA Compliant)
Network Redundant
Layer 2 & Layer 3 Software
Defined Network
Hardware & Software agnostic
Multiple Encryption Protocols

Custom Rate Plans Available Upon Request
Use Your Existing AT&T, AT&T FirstNet, Verizon Wireless, Verizon FrontLine Plans


The encrypted Software Defined Network (SDN) is configured so that the server locations and public IP addresses are not revealed.


Our servers an cloud infrastructure are configured and maintained using our proprietary managed attribution platform to ensure customer information is never revealed.


The infrastructure is designed and configured based on the highest security standards of implementation, with multiple layers of protection and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) in place.

Other Features

No Logs

No data farming, no logs, customer has direct access to the VPS server IPs.

Vendor Diversity

The platform supports over 30 data center providers

Secure Encrypted Network

Global, dynamic, non attributable secure encrypted network infrastructure.

Port Obfuscation

SDN signature is obfuscated through a different socket scheme (https port 443 UDP/TCP).


Support ample dynamic configurations.


Hosts are automatically secured using industry standard hardening techniques.