Fraud Awareness

sim checking for fraud awareness

How Attackers Take Over Your Phone with SIM Swapping

The attacker finds your personal information.

Your phone number, the last four digits of your Social Security number, and your address are all easily found by a quick search. Even if you’ve hidden your personal information online, a determined attacker will use phishing or other hacking techniques to get your private information.

They impersonate you and contact your phone carrier.

The fraudster calls your phone carrier or walks into a retail store armed with your personal information. When the customer service agent asks to validate the account, they give them your name and address.

The attacker requests a new SIM card from the mobile operator.

Now that the account is validated, the hacker gets a new SIM card from the carrier - just by asking!

The hacker uses your phone number to take over your accounts.

The attacker wastes no time impersonating you using the fraudulent SIM card. They start taking over your email, crypto, and banking accounts using your phone number.

They port your number to a new carrier, so you can’t get it back.

The final step in taking over your identity: once they’ve defrauded you of your phone number, they’ll port it over to a different mobile carrier that doesn’t require any name or ID validation.

How Mobilen Stops SIM Swap Fraud

Mobilen is the mobile network designed to protect your data.

We enforce our industry-leading identity verification process to stop mobile number takeover completely. If someone requests a significant change to your account, we require multiple layers of authentication before we approve it.

As the most secure mobile network, all of our SIM cards are encrypted and SIM-locked. Mobilen secures your data in transit with end-to-end encryption.

SIM hacking attempts have never succeeded against our customers. We’re so confident in our technology that we cover every mobile plan with a one-million-dollar insurance policy for damages resulting from SIM swapping.

Mobilen vs. Traditional Mobile Carriers

Unlimited Call & Text*

5G Coverage

International Data Roaming**

Mobile Hotspot**

AT&T and Verizon Coverage

Encrypted SIM

Industry-leading Identity Verification

$1M Insurance Policy

High Network Priority with QoS**

No Data Throttling**


Traditional Mobile Carriers


Traditional Mobile Carriers

*In the US, Canada, and Mexico.
** Only available with specific plans.