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Over the past few decades, we have seen technology growing as never before. We have seen advancements in telecommunication, electromagnetic systems, and blockchain technology which have been a main breakthrough in all the crypto-currencies. With all these great advancements, there is a drawback; you can see your mobile phones, bank cards even your laptops all running on digital mediums, so it would take just one malware attack on your system, and your entire life of honest savings can be lost.

There is no need to panic since we at are here to provide you with maximum security that not only deals with the problems stated above but also provides protection against Sim swapping, Sim hijacking or mobile number takeover, and port outs. We take our job seriously; unlike those big telecom companies, we cater to each customer with the service they need.

Let’s first understand what problem we are facing today in the modern world with regards to security and privacy.

Sim Swapping

A SIM swap scam is a sort of account takeover scam that makes use of a flaw in two-factor authentication and two-step verification, with the second factor or step being a text message (SMS) or a phone call.

A mobile phone service provider’s ability to smoothly migrate a phone number to a device with a different subscriber identity module is exploited in this scam (SIM). When a phone is lost or stolen, or when a customer switches service to a new phone, this mobile number portability capability is typically used.

The scam starts with a fraudster acquiring personal information about the victim, either through phishing emails, purchasing it from organized criminals, or directly social engineering the victim.

The scammer contacts the victim’s mobile phone carrier with these details. To persuade the phone company to port the victim’s phone number to the fraudster’s SIM, the fraudster employs social engineering techniques. This is done, for example, by impersonating the victim and stating that they have lost their phone, using personal information to appear genuine.

In many cases, fraudsters bribe telecom company staff to alter SIM numbers directly.

That is where our company steps in; we take each customer’s security very seriously and make sure that telecom companies are not able to directly penetrate your mobile phones.

Port Outs

If you change carriers, phone providers may allow you to keep your current phone number by transferring it to another service. Some criminals have taken advantage of this capability, using phone number port-out frauds to target companies like T-Mobile, AT&T, and even WhatsApp.

The perpetrator of a phone number port-out scam takes over your phone number and transfers it to their carrier. It’s similar to the SIM changing scam, in which the culprit takes your phone number and transfers it to their own SIM card.

They usually achieve this by impersonating you. To begin, they gather enough information about you online to deceive the phone company’s staff. Then they mimic you and seek a transfer to another carrier over the phone. Criminals have resorted to bribing telecom company employees in some circumstances.

Cryptocurrency Scams

The rapidly changing nature of the cryptocurrency market today, as well as the type of impact it will have on the future of business, elicit a lot of similar feelings. As more ordinary investors, speculators, and various sorts of institutional investors turn their attention to the lucrative cryptocurrency markets, scammers and cheats follow after.

From October 2020 through March 31, 2021, approximately 7,000 people reported losses totaling more than $80 million, according to the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Sentinel. These data represent a 12-fold increase in reports compared to the same time last year, as well as a nearly 1,000% increase in reported losses.

There are two types of Crypto Scams:

• Initiatives aimed at gaining access to a target’s digital wallet or login credentials. Scammers are attempting to obtain information that will grant them access to a digital wallet or other confidential information such as security codes. This can even include real hardware in some circumstances.

• Directly sending cryptocurrency to a fraudster as a result of impersonation, fraudulent investment or business opportunities, or other nefarious tactics.

What Should You Do If You’ve Been Singled Out?

Recognizing that you’re being attacked before it’s too late can be challenging. However, there are some red flags that you should never overlook. Depending on your phone company, these may differ:

• Only emergency calls are permitted. Your phone’s service is completely lost.

• Your SIM is either blocked or ported, according to the notification.

• Your phone notifies you that the SIM card is not recognized.

• Any unauthorized activity on your social media, email, or bank accounts.

Or, to be free from your worries, you can hire us, where our esteemed professionals take care of your devices around the clock.

Why Are We Better Than Big Telecom Companies?

Our market will flourish in the period ahead by providing more value to each community and supplying community-based services to each segment.

Because community-based services improve people’s lives by bringing relatives, friends, and coworkers closer together and we make sure that our services remain up to date.

We have modernized our technical infrastructures and are hence more agile. As a result, we are currently in the best position to meet the needs of specialized communities and provide segmented services to niche market verticals.

When it comes to network security, MVNOs have two battlefronts: first, protecting their customers, then protecting their business. To satisfy both of these requirements, a signaling firewall must be installed on the network edge. delivers the most advanced multi-protocol signaling firewall on the market, which protects both MVNO and MNO networks.

Our brand services include:

MVNO voice services

Voice is and will always be the most crucial service for telecom providers, regardless of whether it is legacy or VoIP. All telecom carriers, regardless of size, must secure this interface and provide it as a dependable service.

MVNO cellular data services

In today’s world, data services are becoming increasingly crucial. We offer a cutting-edge cross-protocol signaling firewall that protects your network from hackers while providing a secure network for your clients.

MVNO SMS services

SMS is still one of the most trusted forms of communication. However, SMSs can be intercepted because the networks are not secure. SMS firewall will create a secure network for SMSs, giving your customers peace of mind when sending and receiving SMSs.

SMS is not only one of the most extensively used but also one of the most trusted Telecom services. SMS SPAM and Smishing are risks that must be removed from the network to keep it that way. SMS firewalls offered by can recognize SPAM, Smishing, and A2P Grey routes and block them. MVNOs who have SMS firewalls in their signaling networks can have a spam-free SMS network; however, SMS security-as-a-service could be utilized by MVNOs or other MVNOs in the group if they don’t own infrastructure.

Our Other Challenges

IoT/M2M Security:

MVNOs are expected to see an increase in traffic as the use of IoT/M2M devices grows around the world. As a result, it’s more important than ever to identify hacked IoT/M2M devices and detect potential security issues.

Identifies hazards before they occur: combined offering of penetration testing and signaling firewall allows you to test probable threat scenarios. Use our pen-testing tools to swiftly identify scenarios where attackers could breach your network and take action to stop them from using our signaling firewall.

Firewall for cross-protocol signaling

If you only look at one protocol, you won’t be able to detect every threat. Our method combines information from multiple protocols to improve network security. This will improve the capabilities of threat detection as diverse interfaces are used.

There is no denying that the world we live in is plagued by threats and challenges, but we here at works to our utmost potential to protect you from every breach of security. Our systems are constantly updated, and we employ up-to-date technicians, engineers, and data managers to ensure that you get the best of our services.

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